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Xenium Estimated Runtime Planner

Sample Configuration

# Samples:  12

Sample Width
Sample Height
% Area to Image
Spacing Margin
Max Thickness

Xenium Run Plan for 12 mouse brain fresh frozen sections (10 mm x 6 mm)

Study Design

  • 12 mouse brain fresh frozen sections (10 mm x 6 mm)
  • 80% (0.0 mm2) of each sample to be imaged
  • 0 mm2 total area to be imaged across all samples

Xenium Run Plan

  • 0 slide0 total, with 0 samples per slide
  • 0 run0 total (Xenium supports 0 slide per run)
  • 0 days (0 h) of total run time
    • 0 mm2 area imaged over 0 days (0 h) per run

Run Plan Schematic


Slide Notes

Your study design comprises 12 mouse brain fresh frozen sections (10 mm x 6 mm). You are imaging 80% (0.0mm2) of each sample, for a total area of 0mm2 imaged across all samples.

On the Xenium platform, you can place 0 such samples on each slide, so you will need 0 slide0 for this study. Each Xenium run can accommodate 0 slide per run, so the full study requires 0 run0.

To complete your study, your 0 Xenium run0 will take 0 days.

For this sample configuration, Xenium can analyze 0.0 samples / wk.

Instrument Total Run Times for Each Platform

Total Instrument Run Time for 12 mouse brain fresh frozen sections (10 mm x 6 mm)

In the bars above, each segment represents a single instrument run.

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Instrument Throughput for Each Platform

Samples per Week Throughput for mouse brain fresh frozen sections (10 mm x 6 mm)

Slide Notes

Xenium is Designed with an Efficient and User-Friendly Workflow

Xenium has fast, user-friendly sample prep, and does not require onerous post-instrument analysis

PlatformSample Prep
Required Post-Instrument
Analysis Time

Slide Notes

Platform Specifications and Assumptions

Analyzable Dimensions Per Slide
Analyzable Area Per Slide
Max Samples/Regions Per Run
Max Slides Per Run
Theoretical Area Per Run
Effective Usable Area Per Run
Effective Usable Area Ratio
Runtime per mm2
Constant Runtime per Run

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Endnotes / Sources

Estimates are based on a regression model derived from pre-release software testing, with anticipated availability in mid-2023.

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Appendix: Full Run Plans